Sattu Powder: Nutrition Facts And Proven Health Benefits

The most prominent beverage in the state of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar (In India) is Sattu which is high in nutrients. Sattu Sharbat is beneficial for health and can be used by people of any age. Thus, to incorporate it into your diet, find out about your health benefits.

Sattu remains fresh throughout the day. It has been used in rural areas for a long time to cool the body. Sattu Sharbat is a great drink to extinguish your thirst in summer because it prevents the body from overheating and brings the body temperature down considerably.

The high volume of insoluble fiber in Sattu is very good for the intestines. It cleans your colon, it consumes greasy food, retrieves your digestion and removes stomach constipation and acidity. As a result, you feel less bloated. Regular use of your powder by senior people is another benefit.

They improve digestive abilities of senior citizens. Sattu help in keeping us healthy and fine and cures gas and acidity problem naturally. Sattu keeps the stomach clean and strong.

Regular Consumption of Sattu helps you to improve stamina and keep you energetic. This drink is an energy booster for all age group especially middle age group. Sattu is a balanced nutritious diet which is the source of energy.

fiber in Sattu

It keeps them fresh and active, helps young people to lead a healthy challenging life. It is also a good post-workout drink and your body fill again with essential nutrients. Sattu is a very good diet for growing children, it provides adequate nutrition for the growing needs of children over 10 years of age.

The sattu sharbat keep the skin shining and hydrated. Sattu is traditionally used to treat hair problems because it provides rich nutrients in hair follicles. The iron in Sattu gives you a healthy glow on your face. It also contains proteins, minerals, and antioxidants which are important for healthyand shiny hair.It also healthy for teeth and bones.

Women are weaker during pregnancy and menstruation. At this time, women need lots of energy to stay healthy.

Sattu can be used in such circumstances because it helps the body to refill all the hollow nutrients. This is also great for breastfeeding mothers because the benefits can also be passed to the child. This drink provides proper nutrition to the women and regularly keeps them healthy regularly. Girls can get a good size of body shape every day by drinking or eating sattu.


Sattu is a low glycemic index diet and is a great option for diabetes. It keeps control blood sugar level. Sattu regulates your blood pressure for good results.

High fiber in roasted flour is very good for those suffering from high cholesterol High blood pressure patients can also get benefits. The sattu should be taken with water and a pinch of salt.