Dr Juliana Morris. For women. For yourself. For each other.

It’s my passion to help women discover their feminine power within and unleash it to the world. You’re already amazing. I’m here to help you explore it and own it!

I’m Dr. Juliana Morris

Do you long for a more fulfilling experience with your loved one in the bedroom?

Is your life in flux right now and are you feeling disconnected from yourself, your body or relationships in your life?

Do you want freedom from being defined by others and want to take control of your sexual life?

Do you long to free yourself from guilt, shame or passivity when it comes to sex?

Are you ready to discover what you want in the bedroom and how to ask for it?

I’m here to help you navigate the many layers between naked inhibition and the powerful sexual being dwelling within you. My passion is to help women define for themselves who they are as a woman and a sexual being and to support her in this powerful and life altering journey.

Sexuality involves sexual behavior and interactions with others, but at its core, our sexuality is a reflection of ourselves.

Our sexuality may look and sound different but we all have it in common. Our sexuality is a perfect lens in which to examine our lives. Our true selves. It is important to know how to examine this part of our life individually and incredibly powerful to journey through this examination in a community of others.

As women, we all have an important journey to walk and a powerful story to tell and share. I want to help you explore your story and help you begin writing a new chapter on your terms and for yourself.

As a therapist, professor, filmmaker and philanthropist, I have had the amazing honor of sharing stories with hundreds of women. I am incredibly humbled and grateful for the opportunities to connect, serve and create with others .

This work has been life altering for me and transforms the women I work with.

My passion, my calling

Through purposeful and intentional examination, I see women transforming into empowered, self-assured beings who know how to make sexual decisions related to behavior, values, and self-worth. And most importantly, I see women who know they have choices and know how to decide what works for them and what doesn’t. An empowered woman has an amazing level of confidence that she can handle whatever she encounters on her journey through sexuality. An empowered woman creates a sisterhood that supports her and she gives room for other woman to define her sexuality and womanhood on their terms.

During my work, I found an undeniable link between empowerment, self worth and sexual agency.  I am here to help you discover that gift. I am here to teach you life altering skills and tips that will take your fulfillment, pleasure and connection to yourself and others to new heights. What would your world look like if you tapped into that power?

Wouldn’t you love to have a safe place with a tested process that helps heal past experiences and empowers you in your future?